Construction safety supervisor KPIs

Construction safety supervisor KPIs

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This post include sample/example KPIs- related to position: Construction safety supervisor and how to set up Construction safety supervisor KPI.

1. Steps to create KPIs of Construction safety supervisor:

To build KPI system for this position, you can follow the steps below:

• Define operational objectives for Construction safety supervisor monthly, quarterly, 6 months, yearly.

• Identify Key Result Areas for the Construction safety supervisor.

• Identify tasks list.

• Determine work procedure for each KRA, each task.

• Identify methods to measure the results of each KRA, task, procedure.

• Create Construction safety supervisor KPIs

More details: Construction KPIs.

2. KPI Mistakes

Building KPI system plays an important role in evaluating job performance of individual parts, divisions and the company’s objectives and performance management system in general. The development of KPI metrics help to create measurement systems, information systems throughout the organization.

When building KPI system, you should note the following factors:

• Do not create too many KPI, KPI be built around 3-5 KRAs…
• KPI should change to suit each stage (depending on your goals).

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